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Salva Rasool’s unique fusion of mystical stylised Arabic and Urdu script with abstract contemporary modern art has intrigued global art aficionados for over three decades. She is especially recognised for her use of unorthodox materials and textures in her paintings, essentially bridging the gap between the pen and the paintbrush to creating striking art out of eloquent language. Her faith in the divine spirituality of her surroundings and her soulful understanding of the world have led to her experimenting with a combination of unconventional styles like Neo-Cubism with traditional Arabic penmanship.

Besides commissioning exclusive art for private collectors, Salva has exhibited her work in her home country, India, as well as other countries like Canada, Iran, Lithuania, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States. Salva has also used her work to promote peace and communal harmony between communities. She believes people can be bought together using a universal aesthetic appreciation of diverse art, and to that end has hosted numerous collaborative exhibitions with artists across communities as well as workshops promoting social welfare of women and autistic children among others.

Between hosting weekly sessions for students enthusiastic about Arabic penmanship, Salva continues to take time out to further her passion and is currently pursuing a delicate form of Sini Arabic-Chinese Calligraphy under renowned masters.Today she is regarded as a prominent exponent of Stylised Arabic Calligraphy in India, with her graceful depictions continuing to inspire and touch people’s lives across the world.

Contemporary Arabic Calligraphic Art

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